Author Tawney Anderson

Book 3 in "The Jenny Adventure Series"


Book 1 in "The Jenny Adventure Series"

 Jenny’s animal friends are waiting for her at Grandpa Bob’s farm to read the annual Christmas story. On the way, a sudden snowstorm hits, causing the truck to lose control and collide with a pack of wolves!  Stuck in a snow bank, and surrounded by wolves, Jenny and her family need help.  Sensing danger, the farm animals sound the alarm and help rescue the family they’ve all grown to love.



It is spring time on the farm.  Millie, the beloved family cow, is pregnant, and her baby is due any day.  Jenny can’t help but worry and she shares her concern with her new friend, Jonathan.  The Easter concert at church is just days away, and the children are performing.  Each day brings new concerns about leaving Millie’s side.  On the night of the concert, the entire family is at the church when Millie goes into labor.  The animals surround her as they realize Millie is in trouble.  How can they warn the family in time to save Millie and her baby?

Book 2 in "The Jenny Adventure Series"

It’s summertime.  Jenny and her new friend, Jonathan, have been busy helping Dr. Ben with the neighborhood animals…including Sophia, the big pink pig that gets into lots of trouble.  One day, an unexpected visitor shows up on the farm and is welcomed to make it his home. It is the love for his new family that enables him to face the danger that threatens Jenny and Jonathan and to save Eli Saunders’ farm!