A Nativity Christmas is the first book in the Jenny Adventure Series.  Jenny lives with her family in a small city and visits Grandpa Bob's farm whenever possible.  It is Christmas Eve and a bad snowstorm is expected that night.  On the drive to the farm, the storm arrives early.  Barely able to see the road, the family faces increasing peril to protect themselves from storm and the wolves they encounter along the way.




Jenny and her family now live on Grandpa Bob's farm.  It is spring and the blossoms on the trees provide a sweet smell in the air.  Jenny and her new Native American friend Jonathan must rehearse for the church Easter production.  But Jenny is concerned about Millie, Uncle Bob's Holstein cow that mothers all the animals on the farm.  Millie is pregnant and due to deliver at any time.   The family is at church when Millie shows signs of distress.  It is up to the barn animals to sound the alarm and save Millie and her baby.



It is summer on the farm and Jenny's grandmother Martha has a garden full of vegetables and healing herbs.  Martha has taught Jenny many remedies to help heal the animals as well as family and friends.  One day an unexpected visitor shows up on the farm and he quickly becomes one of the family.  Hamilton would soon repay that love when an sudden fire erupts at neighbor Eli's, trapping Eli's animals as well as Jenny and Jonathan.  The barn animals sound the alarm again, allowing the family precious time to help fight the fire.  Jonathan's father Henry must use his tracking skills to find the children and it is Hamilton who leads the way.




Fall has arrived and the days and nights are cooler.  Mrs. Lewis is reading "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" to the class as the children prepare for the big Fall Festival at the McCormicks.  But missing feed is being reported throughout the farms and everyone is on edge.  While in the woods gathering leaves and boughs for fall decorations, Jenny and Jonathan experience a hooded phantom just like in Sleepy Hollow.  The children are terrified and run to the farm for safety.  This mystery will lead the family and farm animals deeper into the woods and come face to face with the Halloween haunter.